Help Employees Understand the Company Strategy

Understanding the company’s big-picture strategy is vital for every employee, but many struggle to grasp it. Simply communicating your strategy isn’t enough—employees need to know the context and reasoning behind it. Here’s how to help them understand the strategy so they can execute it.
Explain the roads not taken. Don’t just explain what the strategy is—explain what it isn’t. Share alternative routes you considered and why they were ultimately decided against. Highlighting these choices, and creating transparency around strategic decision making, helps your employees understand the reasoning behind the strategy you’ve arrived at.
Link strategy to purpose. When presenting new strategic decisions, always tie them back to your organization’s purpose, mission, and goals. This helps people see the bigger picture without needing all the intricate details. 
Involve employees in strategy development. Engage employees in the strategy process through feedback, workshops, and initiatives. This inclusion fosters a shared understanding of the context in which the strategy is developed. Use technology like AI-powered surveys to encourage participation and gather insights.
This tip is adapted from “3 Ways to Clearly Communicate Your Company’s Strategy,” by Constantinos C. Markides and Andrew MacLennan

Source: Harvard Business Review