Boost Team Participation in Meetings

Low participation in meetings can harm your team’s productivity by reducing collaboration, hampering decision-making, and eroding unity. How can you encourage more fruitful engagement?  

Start by clarifying expectations. Outline the supportive behaviors you want to see in your meetings. For example, you could say, “As a team, we support each other, we tackle challenges together, and we communicate constructively.” 

Model these behaviors yourself, and be sure to celebrate when your team members do the same. For example, you might say, “I would like to recognize something. Alex, the way you just acknowledged Jordan’s contribution embodies the supportive culture we want to have on our team—one where every team member’s input is recognized and appreciated. Alex, thank you for demonstrating this and setting a positive example for us all.”

It’s also helpful to offer team members different ways to contribute—for example, allow for written input before, during, or after meetings. And consider rotating the meeting facilitation among all team members to give everyone a chance to lead. Giving those who are typically less vocal a structured role can help empower them to speak.

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