Do you manage too many people? 

The more direct reports you get from your people, the harder it is to give each of them individualized support and attention. Here’s how to create systems and processes to help you manage more effectively and make sure everyone feels supported.

First, delegate decision-making responsibilities. Trying to handle everything on your own can slow things down and cause bottlenecks. Instead, empower your team to have agency and autonomy over lower-stakes decisions while you focus on the big-picture, high-level strategy.

Then, leverage the power of groups. Individual autonomy is critical, but it’s not enough on its own. Teams need a culture that encourages everyone to hold each other accountable, give feedback, and learn from each other.

Next, get out of the way. Effective delegation comes down to trust. Once you establish your team’s autonomy, resist the urge to meddle or micromanage.

Finally, be proactive about connecting one-on-one. If you come across as too busy for your employees, you risk making them feel as if they don’t matter. Small check-ins can go a long way.
Source: Harvard Business Review. This tip is adapted from “Do You Manage Too Many People?,” by Rebecca Knight