Don’t Be Afraid to Use Humor at Work

Work can often feel like a humorless endeavor. But research shows that leaders with a sense of humor are seen as more motivating and admired than those who don’t joke around. Their employees are more engaged, and their teams are twice as likely to solve creative challenges. If you want to inject some levity into the day, you can start by understanding four different types of humor styles:

The Stand-Up: bold, irreverent, and unafraid to surprise people (without being inappropriate or mean)

The Sweetheart: earnest, understated, and someone who lightens the mood

The Sniper: edgy, sarcastic, nuanced — master of the sharp observation

The Magnet: expressive, charismatic, and easy to make laugh

The more you understand everyone’s styles (including your own), the easier it will be to read the room and know when to drop that perfectly timed punchline. You can also play around with humor in everyday communications, such as out-of-office replies and email sign-offs. While it’s an extremely challenging time in the world right now, weaving some humor into the day may help you and your employees get through it.

Source: Harvard Business Review

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