Lead Your Team Through a Big Change

How can you get your team on board with a disruptive organizational change? It’s all about making people feel a sense of belonging through the transition. To do this, start by being mindful of your own emotions. Are you feeling uprooted by the change yourself? If so, focus on unpacking why. This will help you manage your negative emotions and share them honestly with your employees. Next, identify what your people are afraid of losing. Look beyond what might seem like their reflexive resistance to change and seek to understand what they treasure and hope to protect. Then, talk about it. To help your team see not only what needs to change, but why it needs to change, lead conversations that explore their discomfort and envision a brighter future. Finally, validate people’s trepidation. Being transparent about the costs of change, rather than falsely optimistic, will help you rebuild loyalty and trust through the process.

Source: Harvard Business Review
This tip is adapted from “How to Get Your Team on Board with a Major Change,” by Deborah Rowland et al.

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