Leadership Forum 2019

Digital leadership is more than mastering technology. Leadership 4.0 shows a fast, cross-hierarchical, cooperative, and team-oriented approach.

Organised by and for the CxO Expert Groups

When: BluePoint Brussels (Agoria)

Where: 3 September 2019

Why: Leadership 4.0: a brave new approach for a new generation  

Since the Industrial Revolution, organizations have, in turn, been subjected primarily to three forms of leadership (Production-oriented, Quality-oriented, and Opportunity-oriented), none of which will provide the necessary guidance, influence and inspiration needed by the next generation of organizations. To excel in the future, leaders will need extraordinary capacity to learn, facilitate, coach and communicate in whole new ways.

The participants of the CxO Leadership Forum will discuss the leadership development strategies and approaches that companies will need to employ in order to create the vibrant, adaptable organizations required to survive and thrive in the future.

Who are the organisers of the CxO Leadership Forum?

The only source of knowledge is experience (Einstein). Publishing house CxO Europe is on a mission to enable every CxO having access to peer learning. We are passionate to facilitate this meaningful, result driven process.  Together with the CxO Expert Groups we make this know-how transfer among leaders happen.

What drives us?

We are passionate about facilitating peer learning among CxOs. The award-winning CxO Media amplify the effects of CxO Soundboards and CxO Leadership Fora to + 60.000 leaders.

We create meaningful interactive peer learning opportunities.

Connecting leaders in a many to many learning model leads to relevancy and new insights. It enhance the process to create happier collaborators, delighted customers and sustainable results.

We inspire CxOs to invest a part of their precious time in sharing best practices and the lessons learned.

And they inspire us with their passion to continue. Together we build better and stronger organizations.

CxO Leadership Forum 2019
BluePoint (Agoria) Brussels