CxO Europe is a Belgian media firm. We deliver trusted media to the Belgian leading business, governments and institutions.


Founded in 2002, CxO Magazine is the first Belgian peer learning platform for and by leaders about innovative business management. It serves CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CTOs, COOs as well as other corporate officers and managers with inspiring content. CxO Magazine helps decision makers to benefit from the experience of innovative companies and their leaders. Captains of industries explain in interviews and on unique interactive CxO events how they – in this digital age – took advantage of opportunities and cost savings solutions.

Peer learning & delivering information in an efficient way
CxO Magazine (print & digital) and the CxO events were created to enhance peer learning and distribute relevant information in an efficient way. E-business, leadership, customer succes, business execution,  funding & lending, enterprise resource planning, cloud computing, supply chain management, unified messaging and syber security are only a few of the key issues.

Goals of the Belgian CxO Communities

Support the development of critical thinking and wrtiting on topics related to leadership, innovation, vision and strategy.
-> Starting by asking CxO’s what’s relevant for them in this areas.
And act independant

Augment cross-departemential dialogue between CxO’s and business managers in the field
-> By bringing them together and show them opportunities to grow.

Foster a cooperative model of business learning
-> Investing in a deeper relationships between academics and business leaders. Enhance co-learning to optain better results.

Increase visibility of international entrepreneurship
-> Search best practices of scalable business and share them with decision makers.

Model the demands of sustainable knowledge transfer
-> Learn from interactive meetings and improve them with better facilities.

We didn’t mention once the word sustainability in our goals. But in fact sustainability is everywhere. It’s key in the world today and tomorrow.