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Dirk Vermant

Publisher & Senior Editor

Jan Callant

Chief Editor

Sylvie Scherrens

Sales Manager

Dirk Vackier
Business Relations Manager

Arn Borstlap

Media Coördinator

Eric Bober


Erwin De Weerdt

member of the CxO media
research committee

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About CxO

CxO Europe is a Belgian media firm. We deliver trusted media to the Belgian leading business, governments and institutions. 


Founded in 2000, CxO Magazine is the first Belgian Magazine for managers about strategy, innovation, vision and leadership. It serves CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CTOs, COOs as well as other corporate officers with useful articles in order to enable them to make better strategic decisions. Executive officers share knowledge and explain in interviews how they – in this digital age – cope with the current information overload. From the beginning CxO Europe organised conferences that offer executives the opportunity to share knowledge and to meet clients and prospects. In 2006 CxO eZine, a bi-monthly full electronic magazine, was launched .

CxO Europe: mission statement

Our mission is to share relevant and independent information with managers and entrepreneurs. CxO gives them a 360° view of their company. This helps decision makers to take better strategic decisions. Herefore we use a set of media (print, digital, online, congres) and more than 200 experts (Board of the Wise & Expert Groups). This practice based information is unique.


Goals of the Belgian CxO Communities

Support the development of critical thinking and wrtiting on topics related to leadership, innovation, vision and strategy.

-> Starting by asking CxO’s what’s relevant for them in this areas.  
    And act independant

Augment cross-departemential dialogue between CxO’s and business managers in the field

-> By bringing them together and show them opportunities to grow.

Foster a cooperative model of business learning

-> Investing in a deeper relationships between academics and business leaders.
     Enhance co-learning to optain better results.

Increase visibility of international entrepreneurship

-> Search best practices of scalable business and share them with decision makers.

Model the demands of sustainable knowledge transfer

-> Learn from interactive meetings and improve them with better facilities.

We didn’t mention once the word sustainability in our goals. But in fact sustainability is everywhere. It’s key in the world today and tomorrow.